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What is an Unused Ticket?

When a traveler cancels or modifies a flight that offers credits for their airline, this can result in an Unused Ticket, or trip credit, to be created for the company by the airline. 

These credits are usually the difference in fares or the ticket value, less change fees, of trips not taken or modified. These credits can be applied to future travel purchases to offset out of pocket costs.

To view your Unused Tickets:

  1. Login to your WhereTo account.

  2. Select your name in the top right corner.

  3. Select My Account.

  4. Click on Unused Tickets from the left menu.

Any unused tickets you have been credited from previous flight changes or cancellations will appear here.

Applying an Unused Ticket to a Flight

The decision of whether or not to apply an unused ticket to a booking is handled automatically by WhereTo on a reservation by reservation basis. Factors that determine whether or not an unused ticket is applied or not include the cost of the new booking, whether the booking is refundable, the value of the unused credit(s), applicable change fees, and the expiration date of the unused ticket(s). Unused Tickets typically expire one year after being issued.

Some organizations allow unused tickets that are older than a specified age to be used by employees within their company who are different than the traveler which originally created the unused ticket. Please check with your Traveler Manager to understand your company's unused tickets policy.

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