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Loyalty, Rewards Numbers, and TSA Pre-Check Not Applying to Reservations
Loyalty, Rewards Numbers, and TSA Pre-Check Not Applying to Reservations

This article goes over basic troubleshooting for the above mentioned issues when your loyalty or KTN's are not applying to reservations.

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When you make a reservation, WhereTo will apply any loyalty, rewards, and Known Traveler Numbers (KTN's) to your reservations unless stated otherwise.

Important: Not all reservations will apply your numbers, and will show a disclaimer at time of checkout that "Loyalty May Not Apply" if it may not qualify. 

If you have booked a reservation where your Loyalty Numbers or Known Traveler Numbers did not get applied to your reservation, please check the following:

1. Make sure your loyalty or KTN number is entered correctly in your account settings. 

  • For instructions on editing Loyalty and Rewards, click here

2. Check that your name in your WhereTo account matches exactly what you have entered for you Loyalty, Rewards, and TSA Pre-check profiles in their respective accounts. 

  • For example, if you have "John Doe" entered in your Whereto Account, but "Johnathan Doe" is listed under your loyalty program or TSA KTN profile, it may not recognize your name. You will need to update your names to match on WhereTo or the respective account of your rewards program.

  • For instructions on updating your name and profile, click here.

If you have checked that these are correct, please let a member of our Customer Support Team know so that we may assist you further. 

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