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How to Change or Cancel a Hotel Reservation
How to Change or Cancel a Hotel Reservation

Modify Existing Reservation

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Need to change dates for your hotel, or cancel altogether?  Whereto makes it easy to modify your booking in just a few clicks.

Although it is not possible to adjust dates to a reservation that has been booked, you can easily cancel and re-book your hotel following the steps below.

To cancel an existing hotel reservation:

  1. Login to your Whereto account to access the New Trip Search page.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your search page to see upcoming trips, or click on Add To Existing Trip in the top menu of the site. 

  3. Once you find the upcoming trip you wish to modify, select View Details

4. From the View Details page, click the Cancel Hotel button on the right side of your hotel reservation. 

Note: Any Cancellation Deadlines will appear above the Cancel Hotel button.

5. You will be asked if you wish to cancel, and will want to click Yes to confirm.

6. The Hotel reservation will now show as CANCELED on the page, and will remain in your trip as canceled for your records. 

7. If you were modifying your reservation and wish to add a new hotel to your trip, simply click the Add Another Hotel button to begin your new search.

Tip: For steps on how to book a hotel, click here.

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